The Institute for Rural America played a seminal role in what ultimately became an established organization that assists organic farm groups with communication and interaction that supports the new and growing US organic food industry.

  • Our Goal: Enhance and protect new and growing markets. Organics and food quality issues continue to grow in the US. New market pressures develop for farmers in the new arenas. Our initiatives are continuing to aid farmers in protecting and enhancing their developing and growing markets.

OFARM Organic Initiative: After a series of roundtable meetings that were structured, hosted and promoted by the Institute; all of this for organic farm marketing groups; an organization called the Organic Farmersí Agency for Relationship Marketing (OFARM) was created. OFARM was formed as an umbrella association for existing organic farm marketing groups.  This organization provides a legal structure for these groups to discuss issues and organize market oriented strategies and operations in a collabroative environment. To enable this organization the legal ability to do these things, it was structured under the Capper-Volstead Act of 1922. Today OFARM has grown to contain eight member marketing organizations from the US and Canada.

Livestock and Dairy price Risk Management Initiative: As part of the fulfillment of a grant provided by the Northeast Center for Risk Management Education, the Institute developed and produced meetings and materials for New York dairy and livestock farmers. The Institute produced an educational Risk Management DVD.

Market Power For Farmers - What It Is -How To Get It-How To Use It - Publication available for purchase.  An economist ponders the nature of commodity markets and farmers actions. For information on how to purchase this book, click here (PDF).