Think for a minute about some really good things ...

    Tending to a newborn calf
    The smell of damp soil after an early spring rain
    Friendly farm suppliers who go the extra mile
    The roar of combines rolling through golden fields
    Hometown businesses that see you through
    Families working and standing beside one another
    The pride of providing food for Americaís tables
    A place where your name is your word

Whether you live in town or in the country, you enjoy the harvest of those living and working in rural America.  And we have much to enjoy and appreciate.

But, times are changing. Our small towns, businesses and farms face new and challenging problems. Problems like poverty, agricultural market consolidation, an aging population, inadequate healthcare and confusion about how to adapt, change and thrive in this new and difficult world.  Working together we can restore the promise of economic vitality. represents a series of continuing initiatives implemented by the Institute for Rural America.  With the help of donors and volunteers, we have been able to create new programs, new organizations, new conferences and have held roundtable dialogues that have strengthened and enhanced the economic opportunity for numerous rural Americans.

The Institute believes education and information are key to improving our nationís rural communities.

And we appreciate your support and are proud supporters of rural America and her way of life.


Current initiatives of the RuralUSA* series:

  • Educational programs and conferences that inform producers and community leaders about managing the impacts of international trade agreements, and governments decreasing role in agricultural support. 
  • Support others. Working together has always characterized rural America and we actively participate with other supporters of rural America by jointly sponsoring and/or cooperating in grant initiatives that support our mission.

RuralUSA and are projects of the Institute for Rural America. The Institute was founded by farmers and rural people to emphasize the importance of prosperous agriculture and its impact on us and our communities. A nonprofit corporation located in Americaís heartland, the Institute promotes opportunity for the nationís agricultural producers and countless people, industries and businesses that depend on them. The Institute encourages individual and group activity to create a stable agricultural marketplace; sustainable economically healthy communities and good rural stewardship.

 The Institute is a nonprofit 501c3 charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible. More information at