New York Risk Management Education


The Institute for Rural America provided more than $23,000 in services to New York agricultural producers focused on risk management education, thanks to a grant it helped New York state National Farmers secure earlier this year.


Working jointly with New York State National Farmers Organization and the state Grange, the Institute sponsored a day long farm-business seminar, New Farm Risk Management Tools for Profitability in Courtland, N.Y.


“The Northeast Center for Risk Management Education awarded funds to the Institute and New York NFO, because they saw the need to educate young farmers and their spouses on the importance of dairy and livestock risk management education and marketing clubs,” said Carroll Wade, Project Director.


The Risk Management Education grant was awarded to improve producer understanding of using price negotiation and group marketing to increase returns, insurance products, cash and futures pricing tools, marketing strategies, plans and clubs.


New York has historically been an underserved state for risk management education, and participation has been relatively low in the past. That’s why a grant goal to increase event attendees usage of risk management tools by 30 percent was also established.


“The Institute was extremely pleased to partner with the New York State Grange, and National Farmers Organization,” said Greg Stephens, president of the Institute. “I want to thank the Northeast Center for Risk Management Education, the funder of this important risk management seminar for their dedication to improving the New York state economic landscape for producers.”


A media campaign helped build awareness of the event, including paid radio and print advertising, as well as free media exposure. Wade welcomed more than 30 individual participants, despite a severe winter snowstorm.


About the grant: