Institute Collaborates on Honey Bee Project--- Honey Bee Video/DVD Available


A new beekeepers video/DVD that includes the latest method to combat varroa and tracheal mites by integrating Russian queens into colonies is available from Institute for Rural America.


“This video is a must see for beekeepers, because it provides the latest information on a natural method for treatment of varroa and tracheal mites, along with a segment on the small hive beetle,” said Gary Reynolds, president of the Mid-U.S. Honey Producers Marketing Association and a consulting producer for the video. Reynolds operates Rainbow Honey Farms in Concordia, KS.


In the video one of the world’s largest honeybee producers and pollinators, Richard Adde, of Adde Honey Farms is interviewed about the critical nature of the research to America’s beekeeping industry from his operational headquarters in Bruce, S.D.


A special segment of the video features Dr. Lilia I. de Guzman, a Baton Rouge USDA Research Entomologist, who provides an overview of the small hive beetle. Small hive beetles are a growing concern for domestic beekeepers in parts of the U.S.


“Because they pollinate more than 90 food, fiber and seed crops valued at more than $9 billion annually, honeybees fill a unique position in U.S. agriculture,” said Reynolds. “


To order the DVD, send an e-mail request to , or call Gary Reynolds at 785-243-3619. There is a $15.00 charge for the DVD (shipping is included in the price). Gary is also be available for presentations to organizations on the subject  and for consulting to individual beekeepers about avoiding varroa and tracheal mites by using Russian Queen bees.


This was funded in part by a grant from the North Central Risk Management Education Center